Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine

Ventanatek has engineered and manufactured an Omni-directional, revolutionary vertical wind turbine known as the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine and is the future of the wind industry.

​Safe Solar Power is honored and thrilled to integrate this revolutionary technology into our

Safe Energy Solutions (SES).

How It Works

Bernoulli's Principle of Lift

Bernoulli's Principle was derived from fluid mechanics and is the methodology to achieve lift in the aviation industry.

Fast-moving air equals low air pressure while slow-moving air equals high air pressure.

​The same principle as an airplane wing is used in the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine as an extreme amount of torque and electrical power is generated as air moves vertically through the Omni-directional and helical design.

Why It's Better

Highly Efficient

As we discussed above Bernoulli's Principle of Lift is how the energy production works but is also the driving principle why the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is more efficient as it generates an enormous amount of torque.

Smaller Footprint

This goes without saying if you have ever seen the caravan of semi-trucks on the freeway driving all the components that make up a traditional wind turbine.  The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is adjustable and stands just 16' off the ground on a 9' x 9' cement pad.  You can fit exponentially more of them in a space compared to conventional wind turbines and can mount them on top of commercial buildings!

Virtually Silent

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is so quiet and has far fewer moving parts than traditional wind turbines!

Aesthetic Appeal

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine could pass as an exquisite piece of modern art, yet this art piece has the functional ability to power your whole office building!


Not many people realize the negative ecological effect traditional wind turbines have on bats and birds' migratory patterns!

Structurally Sound

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is built to withstand hurricane-force winds and has been tested at 150mph winds with no adverse effects!


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to determine that the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is much, much, much more affordable and requires less maintenance than the enormous wind turbines of old. 

Higher Wind Speeds

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine is much more superior at generating power at higher wind speeds due to its structure.  It can still generate power with wind speeds at 89mph, whereas conventional wind turbines shut off at 28mph so they do not explode!

Lower Wind Speeds

The Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine can generate power with wind speeds as low as 3.8mph! This is far superior to traditional wind turbines that start generating low amounts of energy at 10mph.