Why Choose Safe Solar Power?

Nationally Certified

North American Board of Energy Practitioners Certified


Solar Energy Industries Association Accredited

Locally Owned

Colorado owned and operated since 2015. We are licensed, insured and Better Business Bureau accredited!

Written Warranty

Every installation comes with a 10-year workmanship warranty to assure we stand by our product and its power production guarantee!

Industry-Leading Products

Safe Solar Power and our ethos is to always strive to provide the best and newest revolutionary products to our clientele. We pride ourselves in offering top tier solar design software, PV solar panels, racking, and inverters with every installed system.

Experience & Versatility

With over 50 years of combined experience in the solar industry, turn-key financing, and a wide service range; Safe Solar Power is Colorado's choice for solar energy!

Our Products

PV Solar Panels

  • Efficiency- All of our industry-leading panel manufacturers have over 19% panel efficiency!
  • Warranty- Every panel has minimum 25-year workmanship and production warranty.
  • Durability- Tested and proven to withstand even the harshest weather and conditions.
  • Aesthetic- We offer the sleekest black on black panels and brands.


  • We use only the top of the line lightweight industry inverters that are tested and optimized for each PV Solar array.
  • With industry-leading warranties of up to 25 years, they are the perfect component for our top tier panels.

Racking & Mounting

Powerfield and the patented PowerRack® is the most innovative ground mount system on the market for Residential, Commercial, Military, and Utility PV solar systems. ​​​

Customer and Product Advantages​

  • Relocatable and Permanent
  • Rapidly Deployable and Easily Transportable ​
  • No Surface Penetration
  • Recyclable
  • Infinitely Scalable
  • Fast and Easy Installation with No Specialized Labor or Costly Installation Equipment
  • Compatible with nearly every solar panel manufacturer
  • Low-profile with naturally ballasting materials
  • Reduced Permitting Costs
  • We use the strongest roof mounted racking system in the industry with IronRidge Racking for every PV solar system.
  • The racking system is warrantied for 25 years to complete a fully warrantied system.
  • Ironridge also offers ballasted mounting systems for Commercial PV Systems.

Solar Installation Services

What We Deliver

PV Solar System Design 

We engineer and design every PV solar system with Aurora Solar; the most accurate and credible design software in the world!

With their cutting edge CAD design, LiDAR, and irradiance tools Aurora allows us to design systems with the utmost accuracy and precision.

Commercial & Residential Solar Installation 

  • Roof-mount
  • Ground Mount

    • Powerfield
    • Traditional
    • Pole Mount​
    • Solar Pagoda
    • Solar Car-Ports
    • Off-Grid
    • Tracking
    • Bi-facial Panel Systems
    • Community Solar Garden
    • Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

    Solar Panel Roofing 

    One of the biggest advantages of utilizing Safe Solar Power is that our parent company is one of the leading storm restoration companies in Colorado: ​​

    With our expertise in the roofing industry, we can install a new roof and solar system seamlessly under one "Roof".  Further validated by being the first Residential install of RGS Solar Shingles in the United States!

    With our prowess in both industries, Safe Solar Power and Safe House EXteriors have become Colorado's choice for removal and reinstallation of residential and commercial solar systems through storm restoration claims!

    Distributed Energy Management Systems

    • Solar Panel Maintenance and Monitoring

      • We take care of our clientele and ensure if your system is in need of service our proficient monitoring system will alert us immediately and we will shave a certified professional on-site within no more than 48 hours.

    • System Integration 
      • ​Our solutions engineering and control system integration brings turnkey capability to meet your operational and infrastructure needs in development, construction, and operations.
    • Distributed Safe Energy Solutions (SES)
      • What truly sets us apart in the industry as no company has the complete culmination of the unique components that make the SES.
      • All these components flawlessly integrate with each PV solar system we engineer and design!

Our Installers

Most importantly, a product is only as good as its installation and our installers are among the Best-in-Class in Colorado. BriteStreet Solar and Peak View Solar's reputation and clientele speak for themselves and instill the utmost confidence in our clients that their PV solar system will have a seamless installation process with aesthetic appeal.

Why wait for your bill to keep going up?

Make the SAFE bet and learn more about solar with Safe Solar Power!!!