Solid-State Diode Lighting in Denver, CO

Lighting is the first component of the Safe Energy Solution (SES) we navigate.

​Every business entity utilizes lighting and is the first component of our solution we look at to reduce operational expenditures and increase cash flows.

A New Empire in Lighting

What is Solid-State Diode Lighting?

Solid-State Diode (SSD) Lighting is fundamentally LEDs.  However, we use less common materials and a patented process to increase the overall efficiency and lifespan of typical LEDs.

LEDs VS Traditional Lighting 

Many of the lights we see are mercury Arc-Lamp fluorescents or tungsten-halogen lights that are vastly inefficient compared to standard LEDs. 


Mercury Arc-Lamps have variable wavelength intensity, require a bulb to work, and emit lots of heat that directly correlates to inefficient use of energy. 

Tungsten-Halogen Lights are similar in that they require a bulb and emit a lot of heat but at a lower wavelength intensity.  

LEDs are solid-state semiconductor devices that emit light directly without using a bulb.  The intensity of LEDs can be precisely controlled in 1% increments allotting them a lower heat index and dualistically making them more efficient. The industry predominantly uses Gallium Arsenide as the main substrate SSD chip in its LEDs.

Why Our Lights Shine Brighter

Superior LED Efficacy 

 Despite the increased cost, we use Gallium Nitride based chip substrates to achieve 120 to 140 lumens per watt efficacy. Most of our competitors use Gallium Arsenide substrates due to lower production price points, however, Gallium Arsenide is closer to 80-90 lumens per watt with a significant roll off in efficacy at operating temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Superior Reflow Technology

 While most LED manufacturers apply a single-run reflow process for adhesion; we use a proprietary process to ensure 100% coverage across all diodes. Reflow is critical to the heat load transfer capacity of a fixture and correlates to the true lifetime of a fixture. While many companies can claim lifetime hours on their LED chips, sub-par assembling and reflow can drastically reduce the stated lifetime of those chips without the consumer being aware. 

Under-Drive Technology

 To achieve higher lumen output and efficacy with subpar (Gallium Arsenide) substrate chips, most manufacturers have a tendency to overload the current going to each chip. This overload effect produces higher lumen output but drastically reduces the overall advertised lifetime of the fixture. Our lighting takes the opposite approach. Each of our fixtures contains 10-20% more LED components but each LED is sent less current to achieve the same lumen output. As a result we have a fixture that runs significantly cooler and lasts a lot longer. 

Competitive Cost 

 Despite the advanced LED component materials and manufacturing and design techniques, we employ; Our lighting has still managed to stay competitive on cost. This is primarily based on previous experience in Advanced Laser Manufacturing that has developed significant cost-effective manufacturing techniques based on Lean® and robust manufacturing methodologies. The result is a high-quality product at a price that is competitive with the consumer market. 

Explosion-Proof Fixtures

Our manufacturers only design commercial and industrial fixtures, built to your specifications with high-quality components, and our fixtures are dust and vapor tight that will not be affected by repeated wash downs. The shatterproof polycarbonate lens and aluminum housing are extremely strong and can survive earthquakes and wind storms.  Our lights are Design Lighting Consortium (DLC) approved and all are UL approved. 

The Bottom Line

Operational Advantages 

  • Our Lights are between 75-90% efficient and significantly reduce your kWh consumption.
  • No ongoing maintenance since there are no bulbs to continuously replace.
  • Our lights run cool and will lower your cooling costs.
  • ncrease your property value.
  • Warranty- We warranty our lights for 8yr/75,000hrs; the Industry norm is at 5yr/50,000hrs.
  • No pro-rated warranty; If a light goes out we will replace it no questions asked.
  • Longevity - The industry rates their lights at 77°F and we rate ours at 104°F, for comparison our lights exceed 140,000hrs at 77°F!<
  • Efficiency- Our lights generate 130-140 Lumens/Watt, Nearly 20-30 Lumens/Watt more efficient than standard LEDs!

Average Savings of 60-90%!!

Typical Return On Investment (R.O.I.) is 1.5-2.5years!!!!!