Go Green with a Solar Panel Installation; Call Now if You're Near Denver, CO or the Surrounding Areas

Want to save money and reduce your carbon footprint? Then get solar panel installation from the professionals! Safe House Exteriors offers solar panel installation to residential and commercial clients throughout the Denver, CO area. We are passionate about helping others with their energy solutions, and will always go the extra mile to make sure you get the service you deserve. With our help, you can be confident you'll get outstanding end results. Just give us a call today in order to speak to a professional and get a free estimate on our services. We're ready to give you the assistance you need!

What Are the Advantages of Solar Power?

Many companies like to talk about installing solar panels, but they don’t always go over the benefits they can actually provide. As such, many home and business owners are understandably wary of making the expense. But solar panels have tons of benefits that you can take advantage of, just some of which include:

  • Go Green: In this day and age, it’s more important than ever to think about your impact on the environment. Both businesses and homeowners need to think about ways to decrease their carbon footprint—and getting solar panel installation is one of the best ways to do so. Solar panels have zero carbon emissions, and utilize the sun—a renewable energy resource—in order to provide you with power. This, in turn, means that they have a significantly smaller impact on the environment.
  • Save Money: Do you dread looking at your electric bill every month? Then getting solar panel installation for your residential or commercial building can be an excellent idea. By relying on solar power, you won’t have to pay as much for electricity from the grid. In addition, you can actually make extra money from your solar panel system; any extra power made by your system is fed back into the electrical grid, and your electrical company will pay you for it.
  • Additional Incentives: Both the federal and state government want to encourage people to utilize renewable energy resources wherever possible. That’s why they offer a number of additional incentives—including tax breaks—to individuals who get solar panels installed.

Your solar panel contractor can provide you with additional information on any advantages offered, and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have; just call now to learn more and speak to one of the best solar panel companies in the area.

How Does a Solar Panel System Work?

Each solar panel is made up of photovoltaic cells that absorb energy from the sun's rays. The photons and electrons in the rays interact and create Direct Current (DC) energy. Your electrical system can't actually use this energy as is, and so the energy is transferred to an inverter, which then converts it into Alternating Current (AC). The AC energy is then sent to your breaker box, which distributes the energy throughout your home or commercial building.

Most solar systems are what are known as 'grid-tied' systems. This means that, while you primarily rely on your solar panels for energy, you're still connected to the electrical grid. This has a few advantages. For one, if there's ever a problem with your solar panel system, you can still rely on standard electricity to power your home. For another, this can actually work as a way to help you earn extra money. Your solar panels often make much more energy than you'll actually use in a day. This extra energy, instead of going to waste, will be fed back into the electrical grid. In turn, your electrical company will pay you for any electricity that you put into the grid.

Install Rooftop Solar Panels for Your Commercial or Residential Building

Installing rooftop solar panels for your commercial or residential building can be an excellent investment. Make sure you’re letting one of the top companies in the area handle your solar panel installation. At Safe House Exteriors, we partner with our sister company, Safe Solar Power, in order to provide you with a perfect solar panel installation or replacement for your residential or commercial building.

We utilize the highest quality solar panels in the business in order to make sure that you get long-lasting results. Our PV solar panels are:

  • Efficient: These panels all have over 19% efficiency, which is one of the best in the business.
  • Durable: Our panels have been tested and proven against even the most extreme weather conditions, which makes them perfect for Denver, CO’s harsh weather.
  • Beautiful: These solar panels aren’t just functional; they look amazing, too, which means you can enjoy increased curb appeal in addition to the extra advantages a solar panel system can provide.

We can help design your solar system, and will handle your solar panel installation and replacement from start to finish. Whether you are a commercial or residential customer, you can benefit from our outstanding service.

The workmanship is impeccable. They made my house look amazing. Safe House did both my roof and siding. Their employees were fast and friendly. They cleaned up when they were done. The owner took the time to walk me through the process and he was very patient with me. Would absolutely recommend to a friend or family.

Robert Logan

They are the best. Roof and gutters were perfect. Thanks again to Chris and his team.

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Needed a last minute inspection and these guys were very accommodating. Felt their advice was on point and quotes for fixing items was reasonable. Will use them in the future.

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We had a major hailstorm in our neighborhood on 8/11. From the very first contact with the salesperson, Ryan Peets, Chris and his team totally took care of us! Ryan did a great job of explaining the process and even worked with our insurance company to relieve some of the stress. We made them aware we were putting our house on the market. They went the extra mile to complete the roofs on our home, barn and potting shed and installed new gutters and downspouts in a very timely fashion. The crews that work for this company just don't quit, very hard working! Our insurance company only approved filling in the nicks and spot painting our home so Ryan got them back out for a second inspection. Chris worked with our insurance company to explain the house needed to be painted to look right. Chris got them to approve painting three sides of the house and we took care of the fourth side of the house. Great job Chris and thanks to Jose and his painting team!! Our property looks fantastic and because we used Safe House Exteriors, we were under contract in less than four weeks after listing it. We highly recommend working with this company, excellent communication!!

Deborah Sharpe

I would defiantly recommend Safehouse! Everything went great! They took care of everything from start to finish! My house looks GREAT!!!

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Excellent workmanship and superior customer service. They were very quick to start and complete all repairs on our house and outside structures after a massive hail storm. Started and completed work even with the insurance check having to go through the mortgage company. Would highly recommend.

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Safe House Exteriors was an amazing company all the way through the process of getting my new roof. They had the old roof off in one day and the new roof on the next. Very professional and incredibly responsive.

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Very hard working and competent crew. Once the job was started they stayed on site daily through completion. Left the worksite completely cleaned up. The one issue that I had was the lack of a fluent English speaking worker on the job site since I do not speak or understand Spanish.

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We had a little over 40k worth of repairs done to our house after a major hail storm and Chris and his guys did a great job. They were always where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there. Chris worked with us to make some changes on the fly, and we couldn't be happier.

William Knight

The office lady Kelli is very informative. They do exalant work. I love my new roof. I got hip and Ridge vents. If I need another roof as long as I owen this house I will be calling Safe House Exteriors. Thanks guys.

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Chris is a great guy to work with. He is not one of the fly by night company's you see around. He came out the same day I called just to be here when my adjuster came. He has also always taken my calls right away. Would highly recommend.

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