Cool Roof Systems​

Incorporating a Cool Roof System into your Safe Energy Solution can increase your property's efficiency and lower your operating costs!

What are the Benefits of a Cool Roof?

A cool roof can significantly reduce your cooling energy costs and increase your comfort level by reducing temperature fluctuations inside your home. Average energy savings range from 7%-15% of total cooling costs.

Some other benefits include:

  • Reducing your utility bills associated with air conditioning
  • Increasing occupant comfort and avoiding the installation of an air conditioner where there isn't already one
  • Decreasing the size and prolonging the life of your air conditioning system
  • Lowering roof maintenance costs and extending roof life, avoiding reroofing costs, and reducing solid waste
  • Assisting your home in meeting building codes
  • Mitigating your community's Urban Heat Island Effect
  • Maintaining aesthetics with a roof that performs and looks good
  • Receiving utility rebates (in some locations)
  • Enables the use of bi-facial solar panels when space is limited

Updating your roof while adding solar can also help significantly lower the cost of your roof!