Dynamiq™ Generator

Our Safe Energy Solutions (SES) utilize the World's Most-Efficient commercial continuous-use generator made by none other than the ones' that brought us the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine; Ventanatek.

The World's Best

Continuous-Use Generator

  • With an outstanding 96.7% efficiency; The Dynamiq™ Generator is the Most Fuel-Efficient Generator on Earth.
  • Single-phase and Tri-Fuel versatility allows it to be powered by natural gas, propane, and diesel.
    • Biodiesel is the next fuel source Ventanatek is exploring!​
  • Cogless design reduces friction and produces power at low speeds​.
  • Each Dynamiq™ Generator is handmade in Payson, Utah with nationally sourced steel and copper.

The Dynamiq™Solution

  • The Dynamiq™ Generator can work as a stand-alone solution or work seamlessly with other power sources such as solar.
  • Since wind is a variable source of power, the Dynamiq™ Generator works in conjunction with the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine to provide a complete solution as a unit!

The ZombieBox

"Silence Isn't Empty It 's Full Of Answers"

  • The ZombieBox is the World's first and only patented noise-reducing portable noise control system.
  • The ZombieBox integrates with The Dynamiq™ Generator as a decibel diffuser.
  • It is not completely silent, but it does reduce the decibel pollution by 50-75%!
  • Collapsable and Weatherproof
  • Improves Comfort and Safety
  • The Zombie Box is used by Federal and State agencies, Military, Research Labs, Nuclear facilities, Data centers, Intel agencies, Police, and Fire to protect more sensitive types of equipment from malicious modern-day threats and attacks!

Why a Generator?


Stand-Alone Solar PV Systems are highly limited by a property's installable square footage.

Many times you are only able to offset a fraction of commercial clients' usage with PV Solar Only systems.   

With the Dynamiq™ Generator and the Dynamiq™ Wind Turbine, Safe Solar Power is able to maximize space with renewable energy and let the continuous-use generator feed the high oscillating capacitor and take care of the rest.


Traditional PV Solar Systems are affordable with all the incentives that are in place and still a much better option than the grid.

However, without BESS Solutions that typically double the overall cost, they are unable to eliminate the Demand Fees issued by the utility company.  The utility company will still charge them for being a good customer. 

The Dynamiq™ Generator integrated into our Safe Energy Solutions (SES) completely offsets their usage and eliminates Demand Fees entirely for 30-60% of the cost of just solar. If you integrate BESS Solutions, SES is near 25% of the overall cost.  


We will not as far as to say that our SES are always Renewable because to be quite frank it is not when we utilize the Dynamiq™ Generator and its current fuel source.  Once the generator is compatible with biodiesel and the distribution source is locked in we can make that claim.  

Our SES Systems are however sustainable and ecological for high-power energy users.  Our primary fuel source for our generators is currently Natural Gas.  Because of the tri-fuel capabilities, the generator can use propane as a fuel source which is not classified as a greenhouse gas and is vastly cleaner than what the power companies have to use to power the grid.  Compared to the Coal-based energy generated by the utility company even Natural Gas is still a 91% cleaner fuel source and is of abundance.  We also have the most fuel-efficient generator ever created and is the backup source for what our Renewable components cannot produce.   

Moreover,  our SES Systems are typically half the cost of solar-only systems, we eliminate demand fees which is typically half the bill, we maximize renewable production then back the remaining system up with the world's most efficient generator that burns a 91% cleaner fuel source than if our clients did nothing at all.  The Safe Energy Solution is versatile, ecological and economical.