Seamless Gutters


We are proud to add the 5 inch “Fascia Gutter” profile to our line of seamless gutter profiles. The Fascia Gutter profile has clean straight lines and a contemporary look that will accent the trim on many houses. It also sets your gutter project apart from the standard K-style gutters on most homes.

The purpose of a gutter system is to collect the water as it comes off of the roof and transport it away from the structure to protect the inside and outside of the structure, its foundation, and its immediate surroundings from water damage.

A properly constructed gutter system is one that is pitched to drain. This system has a high back, or a flat back gutter, with a separate piece of flashing, which allows for the gutter to be pitched to drain. Properly pitched gutter systems use a (1/6” of fall per 12” of run). This will cause the gutter to drain more efficiently and help it to stay cleaner. Gutters flashed in this manner can be pitched to drain so as to direct water away from problem drainage areas such a windows wells, sidewalks, driveways, and gardens.

Continuous gutter systems do have seams. They occur at the end caps or at the corners. We recommend custom cut corners/miters because they only have one seam and they are stronger than factory made corners/miters. In addition to that, they look better. Box corners/miters have three seams, and strip miters/corners have two seams.



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